MOODY w/ Dr. Sage. Psychological and Psycho-Educational Testing: What You Need To Know!

Dr. Kim Sage welcomes her guest, Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Michelle Matusoff, an expert with over 20 years of experience in providing psychological and psycho-educational assessments.

If I think my child may have ADHD, why is testing so important? Can the school just do the tests instead of a psychologist?

I keep hearing about Mild Autism, how can testing help me understand the best treatments?

What are testing “accommodations,” and why do they matter?

Can a doctor write a note for my child to receive extra time on the SAT or ACT if they have learning challenges? (Short answer: NO!)

Listen to this week’s podcast to get answers to all your questions about psychological and educational testing, and why they can be so important in helping you or your child!

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Dr. Michelle Matusoff can be reached at (949) 275-5225 or