MOODY w/ Dr. Sage. The Importance of Mental Health in Cancer Treatment

Dr. Kim Sage welcomes her guest, psychologist, Dr. Cigdem Coyle, to discuss the important role of mental health in cancer treatments.

Given a recent 2018 study which found that the risk of suicide among cancer patients is four times higher than the general population, and that the field of psych-oncology is still very undeveloped, Dr. Coyle discusses what we can do to help people with mental health issues while undergoing cancer treatment.

How can cancer patients access mental health?  What can physicians and care-givers do to help patients with receiving support for mental health issues?

Why is mental health treatment so important during cancer treatments?

Should we be concerned about suicide risk and the timing of receiving a cancer diagnosis?

Listen to this week’s show to learn all about psycho-oncology, and its value to individuals and our society.

Dr. Kim Sage can be reached at (949) 899-5787 or

Dr. Coyle is a clinical health psychologist, with an emphasis on psycho-oncology and anxiety, and she  can be reached at (310) 717-3366 and