Neil Gaur: Ascension…and Extraterrestrials?

Neil Gaur on Awakening Code Radio

Could extraterrestrials be assisting us in our process of ascension and evolution? In this intriguing interview, we hear from Neil Gaur, (founder of Portal to Ascension), John DeSouza (former FBI special agent on paranormal activity) and Erica Lukes (former director of Utah MUFON). Towards the end of the show, Neil also offers a Tibetan bowl sound healing to benefit our listeners and raise the vibration!

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♫ Songs played in this show:
• Buffalo Springsfield:  What it’s Worth
• Lenny Kravitz:  It’s Enough
• Fifth Dimension:  Age of Aquarius
• Yes:  Be the One
• Neil Gaur:  In studio sound healing
• Shylay Ray Sunshine:  Evolution