Open Water — August 22, 2019

TFS is the word.  (at least that’s what the FCC stipulates.)  spread it.

Tropical F*** Storm  Braindrops (edit)  /  Bodega  Shiny New Model  /  Maria Usbeck  Secret in Japan  /  Dry Cleaning  New Job  /  Sleep Eaters  Valley of Dogs  /  Honey Radar  Tick Tock  /  Tijuana Panthers — Little Pamplemousse  /  Oh Sees  Snickersnee  /  FITTED  Training Pit Bulls for the Navy  /  Redd Kross  When Do I Get to Sing “My Way”  /  Mekons  Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet  /  Game Theory  The Real Sheila  /  Hibou — Silver