Open Water — August 9, 2018

some old friends stop by to witness the slow destruction of a man afforded a mic, and we celebrate new releases from The Love Language, David Nance, Post Pink, Art Brut and more more more.  and I spin the new Sleaford Mods, only in hopes the dialect will rub off and I can summon it at will, while in angry traffic on the 5.

The Love Language Castle in the Sky  /  The David Nance Group Poison  /  Ovlov Half Way Fine  /  Sleaford Mods Stick in a Five and Go (edit)  /  Table Sugar Baba Yaga  /  Post Pink Moon  /  Clearance Another Arrow  /  Say Sue Me We Just  /  The Woolen Men Brick Horizon  /  Art Brut Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!  /  Traps PS Tradition  /  Deaf Wish FFS  /  Dumb Party Whip  /  AJJ Blood, Hatred, Money and Rage  /  Shy Boys Something Sweet  /  Thin Lips What If I Saw You On the Street  /  Campdogzz Souvenir