Open Water — December 28, 2017

we close out the year in grand fashion, leading with the only sensible voices this year, and ending with some minimalist post-punk.  as the gods would have it.  in-between is a melange of inspiration, and an assurance that it’s all gonna be ok if we just sink our nails into the dashboard, close our eyes and listen to the music.  (but maybe get someone else to steer.)  this is the on-hour version; if you’re a glutton (or lived the year under a rock), go for the 4-hr one you also see before you.

Bob’s Burgers cast — I Don’t Need Music  Tera Melos — Don’t Say I Know  The Buttertones — Two-Headed Shark  Cloud Nothings Sight Unseen  Ted Leo Lonsdale Avenue  Corridor L’espoir sans fin  NE-HI Everybody Warned You  Ariel Pink Feels Like Heaven  Bee Bee Sea I Shouted  Shopping The Hype  Protomartyr Here is the Thing  Grooms — Horoscopes  The Courtneys Silver Velvet  Prettiest Eyes — Prance  Priests JJ  Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever — Sick Bug  B Boys — Sound Frequency (live from Secret Bathroom Studio)