Open Water — February 28, 2019

it can’t be Nashville every night… we start out with some bumps, but get the train back on the track with a little help from Royal Trux, POZI, Pom Poko and Sleaford Mods.  and it ends, fittingly, with silence.  (miss you most of all, Mark H.)

Royal Trux  Year of the Dog  /  Bilge Pump — Wheel of Yew  /  Martin Frawley — What’s on Your Mind  /  Sleaford Mods — Discourse  /  POZI — Watching You Suffer  /  Pom Poko — My Blood  /  Priests — Good Time Charlie  /  Wire Train — It’s Only Dark  /  Herzog — No Place is Safe Forever  /  Vital Idles — Break A  /  Jonathan Personne — Dernier Voyage  /  Trade Wind — No King But Me  /  Rustin Man — Vanishing Heart  /  Talk Talk — I Believe in You