Open Water — January 11, 2018

sometimes it’s my list.  sometimes it’s a list comprised of other people’s lists.  nothing is original, don’tchaknow.  not since everybody stole the blues and called it something else anyway.  quite unlike my food, I don’t care where it comes from.  long as it eventually lands on my plate.  I wanna see Flat Worms play the men’s room at a rest stop in northern Cal.  and Shame in a basement at some dead-end high school party.  and I just want ISS to stand in the back making fun of everybody.

Flat Worms — Followers  Spinning Coin — Tin  fluf — 10x This  Bugg — Caveman  Shame — Concrete  ISS — Endless Drip  FEATURE — Reeling  Fred Thomas — Misremembered (edit)  Half Forward Line — Sunday Drivers  R.Ring — Salt  Terry — Start the tape  INXS — Barbarian  Jeff Rosenstock — Beating My Head Against a Wall  Winston Edwards & Blackbeard — Downing Street Rock  AJJ — Fading All Away  XTC — Respectable Street (live)  LCD Soundsystem — Give it Up