Open Water — June 29, 2017

when I was 11, I couldn’t get a girl to talk to me, to save my life.  now, in the humbling throes of middle age, I’m surrounded by them.  here’s a few of them talking at me, in the first half.  their perspective is clear, their concerns are real, and their interests are our future.  but today they really just wanna talk about what they did this afternoon.  also Buttertones, PILL, Rips, and an embargo’d track from the persona non grata PWR BTTM

The Buttertones — Pistol Whip  American Lips — Definition  Rips — Vs  Cany — Je ne suis pas un schizophrène  Making Movies — Brave Enough (feat. Hurray for the Riff Raff & Alaina Moore) (edit)  Celebration — Rolling On (edit)  The Homeless Gospel Choir — Why? (edit)  Household — Go Away  Primetime — Pervert  Stickers — Slide  Priests — Puff  PILL — Pina Queen  Palm — Walkie Talkie  PWR BTTM — Pageant  Matt Pond PA — Sugar River  Wavves — Million Enemies