Open Water — March 22, 2018

they asked if I wanted to see the Bowie exhibit in Brooklyn, so I went.  wouldn’t you?  show is a priority, but the Thin White Duke is a bigger one.  so all the dialogue sounds like, say, someone was sitting in a crappy business center in a downtown hotel, huddled over an iPhone, before being kicked out by German businessmen.  like that.  new INVSN, Oneida, Hot Snakes, and something homegrown from LRD.  go see Laguna Tots!

INVSN — Forever Rejected  /  Screaming Females — Chamber for Sleep, Pt. 2  /  The Breeders — Walking with a Killer  /  Dungen & Woods — Just For the Taste  /  Jonathan Wilson — Over the Midnight (edit)  /  Distractor — Not the Same  /  Calpurnia — City Boy  /  LRD — The 99  /  Kraus — Outside  /  Oneida — All in Due Time  /  Moaning — Misheard  /  7 Seconds Night Away  /  Hot Snakes — I Need a Doctor  /  Vundabar — $$$  /  Liz Phair Soap Star Joe (Girlysound version)