Open Water — November 29, 2018

this one’s for Bleecker Bob.  the world is in no more need of a lotta things.  but I’ll always take another record store.

Iceage Broken Hours  /  Shame Rock Lobster  /  The Hives Supply and Demand (live on Later with Jools Holland)  /  Say Sue Me Christmas, It’s Not a Biggie  /  The Glands Grey Hats  /  Missing Earth Parliament of Trees  /  Bauhaus Some Faces /  The Gotobeds No Present  /  Pottery Hank Williams  /  The Marked Men She Won’t Know  /  Hotel Lux The Last Hangman  /  Joe Jackson  In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)  /  Hairband Flying  /  Cool Ghouls Only Grey  /  Spirits of Leo Legacy