Open Water — September 13, 2018

it’s a pre-tape, which only means I had something far better to do.  I left the window cracked, some cold tofurkey in the fridge, and IDLES, Viagra Boys & scorching new Ty on the turntable.  you’ll be fine.  number’s on the fridge.

IDLES Great  /  Viagra Boys Up All Night  /  Warm Drag No Body  /  Flat Worms Melt the Arms  /  Ty Segall I’m a Man  /  Crime Hot Wire My Heart  /  Alien Boy Only Posers Fall in Love  /  Terry The Whip  /  Landline Landline  /  Beach Goons Miedo  /  EZTV Daytime  /  Felt Caspian See  /  Guerilla Toss Come Up With Me  /  Typesetter Monogamy I (Gliss Happening)  /  Ethers Running Through the Night  /  Traps PS Kotel Knit  /  Big Joanie Fall Asleep