Open Water — September 19, 2019

it took less time for Bombay Bicycle Club to go away, make us miss them, assemble some lost demos, make a new album and mount a tour, than it took me to move into the new place.

Surf Curse — Maps to the Stars  /  Chilton — Dinobirds  /  Re-Volts — Leeches  /  (Sandy) Alex G — Cow  /  Pixies — Bird of Prey  /  Bombay Bicycle Club Always Like This (Demo)  /  The Paranoyds — Courtney  /  Bombay Bicycle Club You Made It  /  One True Pairing — One True Pairing  /  Bombay Bicycle Club Ode to Lucy  /  The Cars introductions/Just What I Needed (Demo Version)  /  Hundredth — Cauterize  /  UV-TV — Happy (edit)  /  Snail Mail — The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl in the World  /  Bombay Bicycle Club Never Serious  /  Metronomy — Upset My Girlfriend