Sacred Mantras for a New Earth with Yuan Miao

Tune in as we welcome back healer Yuan Miao of the New Century Foundation! Just like her name, the ‘Source of Infinite Water’, she emanates the infinite love from the source of life to embrace, encourage and support everyone who comes into her energy circle.  Yuan Miao was born in Mainland China into a family with a rich Chinese and Tibetan spiritual heritage; her Chinese grandfather was a Zen master and her grandmother, Yeshe Tsuomu, whose name means “Ocean of Wisdom”, was the daughter of a high Tibetan Rinpoche and herself an enlightened master.  To the many people who have been touched by Yuan Miao, she is considered a dearly beloved teacher, healer, friend, mother, or sister.

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♫ Songs featured in this show:
1) Beatles:  In My Life
2) Gary Wright:  Dream Weaver
3)  Yuan Miao:  Golden Phoenix
4)  Sting:  Fragile
5)  Yuan Miao:   Zambala