That Rare Psych Fuzzolk Feeling

Psych Folk Obscure Music

This week’s episode peddles tunes from the psych-folk realm. If that’s too obscure of a description for you than boy are you in for a treat! Honestly it sounds intimidating, but psychedelic folk rock is a namestake in the world of Fuzz. Don’t be scared because you don’t know any artists on this tracklist, hell, I had never heard of these musicians either until this week when I went into a deep dark hole of internet music weirdness. Dig this, if you will…
1: Julie Felix – Clotho’s Web
2: Tapestry Garden – Lay Down
3: Bonnie Dobson – I Got Stung
4: Paul Wayne Beach – These Days
5: Rick Dante – What Shall It Profit A Man
6: Jimmy Walker – Swamp Country
7: The Action – Brain
8: Reflection – She Who Stands Beside Me
9: Duane Eddy – Stalkin’
10: Tina Santiago – House Of Grass
11: Michael Patterson – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
12: Jeff Cowell – Go Sweetly
13: Jorge Patricio – Tienes
14: Valhalla – Sidereal R.E.M.
15: Jimm Olson – Last Drop Of Wine