The Old Man’s Back Again

I try not to tell you what to do, but instead, I’d recommend sitting back, relaxing, and seeing where this hour of tracks takes you. Best played after 10pm and at a reasonable level to take you to higher ground. RIP Scott Walker.
1: Scott Walker – The Old Man’s Back Again
2: Canned Heat – Poor Moon
3: Willie Dunn – I Pity The Country
4: Mark Fry – The Witch
5: Jim Sullivan – Sandman
6: Holy Wave – Do You Feel It
7: The Sufis – She Said To Me
8: The Growlers – Night Ride
9: The Rolling Stones – Child Of The Moon
10: Alex Harvey Band – House Of The Rising Sun
11: THEM – Bent Over You
12: Michael Chapman – The Aviator
13: Mike Cooper – The Singing Tree