TIOB – Mike Veale

Global Conservation Force founder Mike Veale discusses his efforts to eliminate exotic animal poaching around the world by building community support for conservation and ecotourism, supplementing local wildlife preserve ranger teams to amplify their effectiveness against poachers, and sometimes, putting boots on the ground to bring the fight to the poacher in the field and also to disrupt their supply chains in the communities. (03/10/2019)


Music: Bee Kind to the Bugs – Culture Abuse, Lilac Grey – Seaside, Gravity -Secret Social Club, Superposition – Young the Giant, Everyday Is Like Sunday – The Pretenders, Comes and Goes (in Waves) – Greg Laswell

Topics: Exotic Animal Poaching, Organized Crime, Wildlife Preserves and Conservation, Ecotourism, Black Market Bushmeat and Traditional Medicines, Saving Elephants and Rhinos