Voice of the Goddess with Kaliyani


In this episode, we felt the energy of the Goddess with us as we discussed several creator Goddesses — Nammu, Inanna, Kwan Yin, Yemenja and Oshun.  We speak about the symbolism our guest, Kaliyani, uses in her inspiring and mesmerizing music videos, Nammu’s Invocation and Tears for Inanna.  Before our patriarchal system, humanity honored and revered the Divine Feminine and now it seems that we are waking up to the significance of balancing the feminine and masculine that reside in all people.  We hope this show inspires our listeners to go down the rabbit hole of exploration into the great mystery of our creation story and feel the hand of the Goddess guiding our way back to caring for our earth and all life upon her.

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Kaliyani in the KX 93.5 Studio (Laguna Beach, California)