Wild & Exciting

An amalgamation of Fuzz coming to you via your local earwaves aka your headphones or speakers… dig deep, or just lay back and enjoy the next hour of Fuzz… some real nice ones in here this week… enough inspo to get you through the work week at least, and if anything, like I always say, it’d be good to have a pencil and paper ready for some note taking… some good obscure stuff in here. Shout out to the artist Al Lover for finding some of these tracks! Lets Go.
1: Juicy Lucy – Just One Time
2: Earth & Fire – Wild And Exciting
3: Phafner – Plea From The Soul
4: Mildlife – How Long Does It Take
5: Vetiver – Strictly Rule
6: Larry Williams & Johnny Watson – Nobody (with Kaleidoscope)
7: Bud Harper – Let It Rain
8: Three degrees – Collage
9: Los Dug Dug’s – Donde Esta A.N.
10: Rudy De Anda – Los Carnarios
11: Froth – Department Head
12: Shagrat – Amanda
13: Dick Stusso – Modern Music